Challenge is substantial for all sports. You have to challenge the limits, competitors, records, and most of all, yourself. Without challenge, there is no progression. Challenge requires courage. At Squatbar we challenge knowledge. Soon we will present the result.

All knowledge must be challenged, continously. Knowledge that does not pass the test of time, is not true knowledge, or only true in a certain context. That context may be influenced by premises that are traditional, cultural and physical factors. Trend is also a strong factor influencing what is true.

At Squatbar we have challenged knowledge for more than 3 years. Testing and researching new methods. Prototyping and testing again. Then more testing. In the laboratory, at the gym and with simulators.

The result is presented the 1 – 5th of February on ISPO Munich Online. The main trade fair for the sports industry in Europe. We have received a lot of positive feedbacks from athletes testing our barbell. SQUATBAR – a specialized barbell for the barbell back squat.

The king of exercises for training strength. A key compound exercise, that plays a major role in any workout program. Of course it deserves its own specialized barbell.

“SQUATBAR – a specialized barbell for the barbell back squat”

The barbell back squat is a technical demanding exercise, where mistakes are punished with injuries. Sometimes acute, but more often the silent and sneaking injuries of chronic failure in technique.

A conventional weightlifting barbell demands that the body adapts to the barbell. It requires mobility in joints, put shear stress on parts of the body in unusual positions, and restrict the freedom of movements.  Squatbar is the opposite. It is the barbell that is adapted to the body.

We have created a weightlifting barbell from ergonomic principles. A barbell that allows the natural movements of the body when lifting.  Focusing on mobility, freedom and strong core muscles. The design is Norwegian and built on by knowledge passed on through generations. An innovative design of our traditions, and developed with modern science.

“It is the barbell that is adapted to the body”

It has a shining surface of chrome and areas with black where the logo is embossed. Its angles and shape, express elegance. Its minimalistic and balanced look, but still powerful, contributes to its intuitive appearance.

Squatbar is new knowledge turned into practice. We claim to be an option. The decision is yours.

All the best wishes for the new year

 – The Squatbar team

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