FREEDOM is the most valuable possession you can own.  Freedom has  to  be  earned  and  won, over and over again.  It can  be  the freedom to  speak and write. Freedom to be the person you are, without restraints from the surroundings.  To follow your dreams, and to define yourself.

Movement depends on freedom, and is the opposite of constraints. Human beings have always been moving, overcoming the obstacles in their way. The human body can naturally move in impressive ways and with extraordinary strength.

SQUATBAR is built on these principles. Freedom, movement and strength.

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We translated these principles into a science that allows the body to work as effectively as possible, by shaping and adapting the environment to the body. Allowing the body its natural movements. Not the other way around. The way were the body has to adapt.

That is why Squatbar have this shape and design. Because it is adapted to the body. To ensure freedom to move with strength.

“SQUATBAR is built on these principles. Freedom, movement and strength”

Think of the Ice Hockey Stick. The development from the first Mic-Mac hockey sticks from the midle of the 19th century. Sticks of wood with a square shaft that over the centuries developed into hockey sticks with an ergonomic shape. Every inch of the shape and angles, are carefully designed to facilitate the speed, technique  and force of the hockey player. It is perfection of the details that creates a winner.

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Perfection, details and countless hours with exercise. To an amount of training that requires the equipment to relieve the athlete from unwanted shear stress and strain. The barbell back squat is doomed to be the king of exercises. Mandatory for every workout programs aiming at strength.

Squatbar transform a technical demanding exercise, into sensible sequences of movements, allowing the body to move naturally. Eliminating identified and well known sources for injury with a conventional barbell.

It fits well to any kind of rack and is comfortable with heavy loads.


“That is why athletes in all range of sports will benefit from building strength with Squatbar.”

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We are convinced about the importance of a strong core. It is a prerequisite for all sports, activities and daily challenges. That is why athletes in all range of sports will benefit from building strength with Squatbar. Wether your sport is football, ice hockey, baseball or surfing, Squatbar is the base you need to improve strength.

Step forward and build a strong core.

–  The Squatbar team







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