Are the personal trainers qualified?

All personal trainers have a university degree in physical education. They also have acknowledged certification to work as a personal trainer. In addition they have abundant experience as athletes and with coaching. Some also have degrees in nutrition.

What level of exercising should I expect?

Together with your personal trainer, you design an individual workout plan, adapted to your level and needs. The first thing the personal trainer does, is to map your physical abilities and together you agree on the goals.

Most clients get positively surprised by the progress and their own capabilities. Working out makes you feel good!


What language do the personal trainer speak?

All our personal trainers speaks English fluent.

Is online workouts effective?

Yes. It is a very effective way to exercise. It is also very fun. The personal trainer is designing a plan that progress over months. You get feedback and supportive messages during every week, in addition to the live workouts and follow up meetings.

The personal trainers are dedicated to their clients, and truly wants to see their clients get the results they aim for.

How does it work?

When you start a subscription you get a personal trainer assigned to you. The PT will contact you, and make an appointment for a video call. Together you will map your physical abilities. Then your PT will design an exercise program for you, based on your needs, goals and subscription plan. The PT will explain it for you thoroughly.

After that, you are ready to start your first workout online with live coaching!



What video apps do you support?

Our system supports Skype and Zoom for online sessions and workouts.

If you prefer other apps to communicate and workout, you can discuss it with you personal trainer to find the solution that suits best for you.

Is it good quality on sound and picture?

Our personal trainers use the best equipment to provide you the best quality. They use MEVO camera for live sessions and SHURE fitness headsett for microphone. They have sound speakers to amplify the communication from the client.

What equipment do I need?

It is required that you have a device you can connect to the internet for communication with your personal trainer.

This might be a computer, Tablet or phone. The device must be placed in a position so that you can see your PT and communicate.

You can choose to not use your own camera, but we strongly recommend that you do. This gives the PT the opportunity to instruct you directly and give feedback on how you perform the different exercises.



Is payment on your website secure?

All payments are secure on our website. We use the leading companies in the industry to secure payments. The website is also secured and protected by a global leader in cybersecurity.

The information for payments are encrypted and is not saved on our servers.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

We offer 14 days of money back guarantee on subscriptions. This gives you 14 days to decide if you wants to continue working out with us.


Can I cancel a subscription?

You can only cancel a subscription after you have passed the number of months that you signed up for in the contract.

If you purchased a 3 months subscription, you can cancel further subscription after 3 months. The same rules applies for 6 and 12 months subscriptions.

You can cancel a subscription before the contract ends, but we will charge a cancellation fee.

The cancellation is immediate and you can use our services to the end of the month you have paid for.