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Working out with an online coach is a new trend, and it is predicted to increase substantially over the next years. There are many reasons for this, where time is an important factor, but a lot of people simply dont find a gym that suits their needs and comfort zone.

Let´s face it, fitness clubs have in large parts developed into something reminding us of Saturday nigth out on the town. Loud music, overcrowded and a place to see and been seen. Some of us get relief by the use of headphones with noice cancelling, exercising to our favorite music, but also creating a form of our own space. Unfortunately Covid-19 also is a strong and driving factor at the moment, with a lot of fitness clubs struggling, and it is unsure if it will ever be the same again.

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We know that teaching strength-training online  in an interactive environment, can be as successful as traditional coaching at the gym. Studies have shown that both knowledge and fitness level can increase from online coaching.  As it often is in research, results are difficult to reproduce, and the studies are still diverging regarding the effect. Maybe this reflecting that online coaching and workouts is not for everyone, and for someone it is better as a substitute.

Working out at home doesn´t necessarily mean exercising without any equipment or being restrained from your favorite exercise. You can easily build a gym at home, not even requiring much space. A barbel, bumper plates, a bench and a simple rack is all that is required for the compound exercises. Add an online coach to this, and you have the opportunity to get in the shape of your life. Or you can simply join an online class, on a virtual gym, where you still can have an in interactive communication.

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It can be simple equipment like rubber bands, slings, medicine balls and kettle bells. The famous quarterback Tom Brady, used rubber bands and resistance to to be best. These are equipments that opens for a broad range of exercises, with effect on mobility and strength proved by studies.  They are easily ordered online without too much expenses.

Working out in a new environment, and with support from a personal coach, allows you the introduction to new new exercises. Adding a new exercise to your familiar program, can have tremendous effect on you overall fitness level.  An experienced coach can spot the gaps in your workouts, guiding you to the next level.

Exercising at home means that you decide your company. Invite family and friends to join you, expand the range of exercises you can perform, and get instant and real time feedback from a personal trainer. Most of us have online access with an attached camera and microphone, making the connection to a personal trainer quick and easy.

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Online coaching can help you to identify your needs and goals, and build a workout plan customized for you. Regularly follow up appointments, gives you the motivation to adhere to your schedule. An online coach also have the knowledge about tools that helps you track your efforts and progression. A multisport watch makes sure you gets important information about your workouts, and can also guide you during exercises. It can also be connected to apps like Polar flow.


“If you are unsure if online coaching is for you, book a free trial, and see how it works”



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