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This item will be released 09/01/2021.
  •  28 mm diameter
  • 220 cm
  • 20 kg
  • Tensile strength 1200 Mpa
  • Knurling for handgrip
  • Chromed surface
  • Sleeves with needle bearings

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Scandinavian design and an ergonomic shape, adapted to the body. The barbell facilitates physiologically sensible movement sequences and thus improves training.

Built on knowledge passed on through generations of Norwegians, and reinvented with modern technology and science.

“Tested by top-athletes and proven efficient by science”

Pre-order today and be the first to workout with this specialized barbell for the barbell back squat. When pre-ordering you pay a fee of 199 USD.  The rest you pay when the barbell is delivered, an amount of 290 USD. The total amount is 489 USD (Shipment is not included)

We offer a flat rate for shipping in California for 59 USD. Shipment within US is calculated by rates from fulfillment service chosen.

This offer is only for a limited amount of  300 barbells and valid for the customers who orders before the 300 barbells are sold.

*You can cancel the pre-order at any time, and get refund of all the money. After the barbell is delivered, you have 14 days open return and refund.


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Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 222 × 25 × 5 cm


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