Rest is a very important part of exercising. It is necessary to rest to be able to perform at your best, but also to get maximum rewards from your workouts. Resting involves several different components ranging from enough sleep to the clothes you wear on the couch.

That is the topic of this post. What to wear when you relax after a workout. When your body is exhausted and your muscles needs to recover. Should you choose compression or loose and comfortable clothes. Sure enough, there is evidence to support compression to rehabilitate. But the effect is limited, unless you have several competitions in a short period of time. That is why we prefer comfortable. Cool and comfortable. Feeling like a champion.


“the brand that have managed to stay modern and cool since 1919”


   Autograph by Michael         Jordan – AFFILIATE             ADVERTISEMENT

Champion – the brand that have managed to stay modern and cool since 1919, with an impressive history of more than 100 years. The original inventors of the hoodie. Previously the official brand of NBA and NFL, worn by stars like Michael Jordan, and now the official brand of NBL in Australia. Recently is has been adapted by celebrities as a cool outfit, but also for entering the gym. Even billboard rappers have endorsed the brand.

The brand that is part of a global company with a high standard  for their sustainability and impact on our planet. Aiming to reduce water consumption and carbon emission,  and changing to renewable energy. Also recycling store hangers and a member of Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) working for eco-friendly packaging. That is reassuring, to know you can rely on their ethics too.




At squatbar we always relax in a Tee and jogger after intense workouts, and for years we have favored Champion. Just throwing on a hoodie if we need to go outdoors. In a comfortable outfit we forget about sour muscles. Usually we spend the time evaluating the datas from our workouts, and communication with a personal trainer. Sharing our results on Polar flow.

“relax in a Tee and jogger after intense workouts”

On sunny days we usually wear shorts, and the shorts from Champion provides a mobility, that makes it perfect for workouts too. Add a caps or sunhat, and all you need is a beach chair.

We were on vacation in Australia the first time we experienced the comfort of Champion. It was  a vacation with a lot of exercise, both cardio and strength training. Relaxing on the beaches of the Gold Coast and walking the streets of Sydney, wearing the same outfit. Feeling cool and comfortable. I remember when returning to Scandinavia, we continued the style by just adding a beanie, adapting to the climate at home.




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