Squatbar is for squats and strength training. This is the barbell for building strength in the legs, core muscles and supporting muscles. 

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“This ingeniously simple solution makes the Norletic Squatbar the Studio Equipment Winner in the Running & Fitness segment at the ISPO Awards”

The ISPO Award jury consists of 27 independents judges from 10 different countries.

Squatbar is a barbell built on principles that aim to transform a technically demanding exercise. The squat exercise is made simple and comfortable. Squats should be mandatory in all exercise programs to get strong, whether you have exercise equipment at home, or work out at the gym.

Squat bar is adapted to the body, which is the opposite of a conventional barbell, where the body must adapt to the barbell.

A functional and dynamic design, makes it comfortable and safe for heavy lifting. At the same time, it is excellent for quick and easy movements.

It is also ideal for lounges and exercises without weights for mobility. You can also ask at a gym if they have Squatbar.

Squatbar has been tested by multiple athletes at the gym and top athletes. This is the choice if you want to build strong core muscles.

SQUATBAR has won several awards at the Plus X Award. It is the world’s largest award ceremony for innovation in sports and with judges who are specialists in 80 different disciplines.

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