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There are multiple reasons why you should have strong legs. Riding a bike is only one of them, but there are also multiple reasons why you need strong legs on a bike. Whether you ride a road bike, mountain bike, Cross or MTB, you need legs with power.

We always focus on strong legs, because it usually leads to strong core muscles in addition. It is December and wintertime, and that is a perfect time to also focus on bikes. The season and competitions is just around the corner.

Numerous professional bicycles racers focus on strength training to improve pedal work. A bicycle racer dont train for hypertrophy of muscles, but for maximum power. The barbell back squat is an excellent exercise for that purpose.


This is the program we recommend for the barbell back squat for bicycle racers:

4 sets x 4 repetitions with 80-90% of 1RM

It is important to execute the squats with high speed. Include this in your workout plan 2 times a week.



The effect is very important on climbing, giving you more power when working on the pedals, close to your maximum effort. Anyone who has climbed the Stelvio pass, knows that sufficient power when working close to treshold, can save minutes.

A cadence sensor is another way to track your progression after starting strength training with the barbell back squat. We recommend using  cadence and speed sensors, to be able to analyze the progress. If someone asks you what you wish for a Christmas gift, these are gifts you should consider.

January is the month for change. If the barbell back squat is not a part of your exercise plan, this is a perfect time to start.







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